Artwork by Skye Schirmer: National Art Exhibit (USA)

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National Art Exhibit

Skye Schirmer

The rapidly expanding ways to capture, share, like, and reblog not only our own moments and experiences but complete strangers as well, have created infinite ways to prove ourselves interesting and tangible. As an artist, but also as a woman, I aim to relay challenges faced by myself and other women in today’s society. The power struggles between men and women, and women and women, which I observe through social media as well as in real life, are disheartening and problematic. My deeply saturated personal narratives reflect the growing instability of memory with time and I aim to further explore recorded versus remembered narrative while finding a connection between myself and other women.

Title Locals Only Medium intaglio Size 14″x17.75″
Title Steps Medium intaglio Size 24″x18″
Title “If you were a movie star, you would be the man in jail” Medium intaglio Size 22″x32″

Our national art exhibit is open to all US artists currently residing in the USA. We are also hosting a national art exhibit. For more details, visit this link.

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