Featured Artist | Nikola Gocic

Nikola Gocic (born in Nis, 1980) is an architect by profession and a film reviewer, comic artist and collagist by passion. For thirteen years, he has been publishing his reviews and pieces of artwork on NGboo Art blog. During 2016 and 2017, he was writing movie listicles for the Taste of Cinema website, and since 2017, he has frequently and successfully collaborated on film-related articles with Rouzbeh Rashidi – the Iranian-Irish filmmaker and founder of the Dublin-based company Experimental Film Society. Five of his essays are published in the book Luminous Void: Twenty Years of Experimental Film Society (Experimental Film Society, Dublin, 2020).

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Featured Artist – Ashleigh Crawford

Ashleigh is currently a Junior at Ringling College of Art and Design living in Sarasota. As a Florida native she has never grown out of her Disney phase and enjoys anything remotely cute or pink. Her goal is to continue to make art while always tapping into her childish side. She wants to inspire and entertain children from all over the world.

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Zachary Wilson – Featured Artist

Artist Portfolio Magazine’s 20 Art Competition Zachary Wilson – Brooklyn, NY Instagram Born in Bowie, Maryland circa ’96 I’ve rewatched Kazuya Tsurumakis “Fooly Cooly” over 100 times and I still don’t understand giant eyebrows, so the only thing to do is keep watching it. If you don’t laugh at my drawings that’s okay, but it’s […]

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