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Featured Artist

Ashleigh Crawford – Sarasota, FL

Ashleigh is currently a Junior at Ringling College of Art and Design living in Sarasota. As a Florida native she has never grown out of her Disney phase and enjoys anything remotely cute or pink. Her goal is to continue to make art while always tapping into her childish side. She wants to inspire and entertain children from all over the world.

 Feeling Blue Medium Digital Size 15 x 28 inches

Feeling Blue
15 x 28 inches
 Bear Hug Medium Digital Size 5 x 8 inches

Bear Hug
5 x 8 inches
 Reach for the Stars Medium Digital Size 17 x 25 inches

Reach for the Stars
17 x 25 inches
 A Day in Town Medium Digital Size 10 x 10 inches

A Day in Town
10 x 10 inches