Title The Green Resort Medium mixed media collage on canvas panel Size 12"x16", 30cmx40 cm

Stephanie Guillen – 10 Art Competition

Artist Portfolio Magazine’s 10 Art Competition Stephanie Guillen – Zurich, Switzerland Instagram Stephanie Guillen discovered her love for creative expression through painting as a child. She has since nurtured that love into a life-long passion. Today, she is a visual artist based in Zurich, Switzerland, who realizes her creativity mainly through photographic works, which she […]Read Post ›

Title Sit Medium Mixed Media Collage Size 36" x 72"

Kerri Warner – Portraits Art Exhibition

Artist Portfolio Magazine – 2016 Portraits Art Exhibtion Kerri Warner – Sacramento, CA i find art in everything and everything finds its way into my art I am a mixed media artist based in Northern California. My art blends conventional and unconventional materials into two and three dimensional works. The materials and methodology involved in […]Read Post ›

Title: Beware of Box Media Medium: Mixed Media Collage Size: 11 x 14

Mark Bravante – Anniversary Art Exhibition

Artist Portfolio Magazine Mark Bravante – Woodbridge, VA I find the relationship between materials and subject to be very important. The unity between these two ingredients tell a very interesting story. My art examines the connection between different mediums to create something new. Some of my work produce a narrative while some disrupt the general […]Read Post ›

Anna Belleforte – Anniversary Art Exhibition – Artist Portfolio Magazine

Artist Portfolio Magazine – Anniversary Art Exhibition – Anna Belleforte – Amersfoort, Netherlands – Architecture, cities and landscapes, was well as documentation or narratives involving these (also those from art history), are at the core of my work. My current run of collage series explore narratives on our relationship with the built environment. Timescapes, for […]Read Post ›

Dorothy Seal & Naveen Shakil – Portraits Art Exhibition

Artist Portfolio Magazine Naveen Shakil – New York, NY – http://naveenshakil.squarespace.com Dorothy Seal – Cape Coral, FL – http://www.bodybizdotty.com I have done artwork all my life, for the most part i worked in pen and ink. Now i am working in acrylic and doing portraits, this is to learn color and dynamics of the face. I am […]Read Post ›

Maike Luedenbach – Artist Portfolio Magazine – International Art Exhibition

2014 International Art Exhibition – Artist Portfolio Magazine Maike Luedenbach – Barcelona, Spain