Kerri Warner – Portraits Art Exhibition

i find art in everything and everything finds its way into my art

I am a mixed media artist based in Northern California. My art blends conventional and unconventional materials into two and three dimensional works. The materials and methodology involved in my projects are as diverse as the concepts embodied in them. I relish the combination of contemporary design with the unexpected utilization of found, recycled, and/or repurposed materials.

In my collages I use a combination of found materials (e.g., book pages, wrapping paper, fragments of antique hardware, etc.) and acrylic paints to create mixed media works depicting moments in time, capturing daily life as subject matter in which the actual event has yet to take place or has just ended: moments frozen in time to become the memory of an event that will never take place.
Letters and numbers are often incorporated into my art, as a graphic element or to convey a thought or theme. When we are exposed to letters and numbers we are conditioned to make sense of them and figure out, “what does it mean?” “what does it say?” The goal with these works is to strip away the inherent meaning of specific letters and numbers and use them as objects to build the composition of the piece. When people interact with them, I want to engage both the left brain (where logic resides) and the right brain (where creativity resides) in hopes that they are free to experience the elements in a new way – to create something totally unique.
I love challenges, experimenting with disparate media and developing new techniques and skills. Every piece begins with me playing and improvising with the material: manipulating and mutating it—discovering its properties and limitations, with each mistake being an irreplaceable component of my process.

TitleIce Cream Sunday   Medium	Mixed Media Collage   Size	72" x 48"
Title Ice Cream Sunday
Medium Mixed Media Collage
Size 72″ x 48″
TitleSit   Medium	Mixed Media Collage   Size	36" x 72"
Title Sit
Medium Mixed Media Collage
Size 36″ x 72″
TitleHe Paused   Medium	Mixed Media Collage   Size	48" x 60"
Title He Paused
Medium Mixed Media Collage
Size 48″ x 60″
TitleFrida Reappropriated   Medium	Mixed Media Collage   Size	20" x 16"
Title Frida Reappropriated
Medium Mixed Media Collage
Size 20″ x 16″