Title Asian Lion Medium Oil pastel Size 19" X 25"

Featured Artist – Jimmy Strange

Jimmy Strange has always had a sincere passion for art. His art began at an early age with simple childhood doodles, but was thrown into high gear with his participation in an Advanced Placement art course during his senior year of high school. His outstanding grade-point average and dedication earned him an art scholarship to Bethany in Kansas, which he turned down to remain close to family and continue his education in the Denver Metro Area.

Title Winter’s Dawn Medium Watercolour Size 20x17”

Featurd Artist – Robin Miller-Bookhout

Featured Artist Robin Miller-Bookhout – Fayetteville, AR Instagram SUBSCRIBE TO ARTIST PORTFOLIO MAGAZINE My lifelong passion and Joie de Vivre has been drawing, painting, and creating artworks. I have a deep reverence to God and to the many influences in my past and present which has driven my art through this wonderful adventure. As a […]Read Post ›

Title Lake Monsters Medium Oil on Linen Size 50" x 36"

Gary Paul Stutler – Q4 Art Competition

Artist Portfolio Magazine – 2017 Q4 Art Competition Gary Paul Stutler – Portland, OR Every living thing exhibits pattern in either growth or habit. Any subject is acceptable for study, any technique or material acceptable for making a new form. In the tremendous flux of experiences, there is only one thing which has ever brought […]Read Post ›

Title: HOT SPOT Medium: Colored Ink on Paper Size: 9" x 7.5"

Cam Collins – Q1 Art Competition – Artist Portfolio Magazine

Artist Portfolio Magazine Q1 Art Competition Cam Collins – Chicago, IL The visual language in my work has the potential to sprout various connections to situations that the viewer may have experienced as an individual or simply as a part of humanity. An important art-reality connection is emotion, or the illusion of emotion shown by […]Read Post ›

Title: Mist of Antiquity Medium: Pastels Size: 18" x 24"

Kee Bahe – Landscapes – Artist Portfolio Magazine

Artist Portfolio Magazine – 2016 Landscapes Art Exhibition Kee Bahe – Flagstaff, AZ Self taught Native American artist.

Jennifer Anderson – Cover Art Exhibition – MyArtContest.com

2014 Cover Art Exhibition – MyArtContest.com Jennifer Anderson – Trabuco Canyon, CA

Christie Chew-Wallace & Gail Oyer – Midwest vs West

Artist Portfolio Magazine – Midwest vs West Art Exhibition Christie Chew-Wallace – Chicago, IL Gail Oyer aka “Mercedes” – Carlsbad, CA

Nataliya Scheib – Portraits Art Exhibition – MyArtContest.com

Nataliya Scheib – Missouri City – TX 2013/14 Portraits Art Exhibition – MyArtContest.com Working across a variety of mediums, I create work that reflects the fascinating subjects of my environment.   The colors and magnificence of the landscapes, attention-grabbing and interesting people, as well as the ideas that come to mind while observing daily life interactions, are […]Read Post ›

Title: Nora Medium: Mixed Media - Pastel, Colored Pencil Size: 14 x 17

Art by Sherrie Kostura

Artist: Sherrie Kostura of Houston, TX 2013/14 Portraits Art Exhibition – MyArtContest.com  

Title: George Medium: Pastels Size: 16x20

Art by Celeste Rickert

Artist: Celeste Rickert of Tomball, TX 2013/14 Portraits Art Exhibition – MyArtContest.com