Title Perfection or Vanity Medium Oil on Panel Size 28" x 36.5

Featured Artist – Nikita Budkov

Featured Artist Nikita Budkov – Reseda, CA Instagram Contemporary Russian-American artist Nikita Budkov was born in Zvenigorod, a suburb of Moscow, Russia on August 16, 1995. As a young boy, he enjoyed reading classic fairytales, science fiction novels, and comics, which all helped shape his imagination and eventually inspired him to express his thoughts through […]Read Post ›

Artist Portfolio Magazine

Artists Selected for Dec Issue of Artist Portfolio Magazine

Select Artists Instagram ArtistPortfolioMagazine.com SUBSCRIBE TO ARTIST PORTFOLIO MAGAZINE Artist Portfolio Magazine is pleased to announce our 20 Artists selected for our Nov/Dec Issue. Issue 37 will be released the first week of December. After working through over 2132 works of art submitted to our Nov/Dec Issue we have selected 20 Artists to represent Artist […]Read Post ›

Title Omi Obi ( The Kolanut River) Medium Oil on Canvas Size 105x76 cm

Featured Artist – Ramon Omolaja Adeyemi

Featured Artist Ramon Omolaja Adeyemi – Ogun, Nigeria   SUBSCRIBE TO ARTIST PORTFOLIO MAGAZINE Mr. Adeyemi Ramon Omolaja is a professional painting artist with years of experience in different painting works to exhibit natural and environmental activities and occurrences around him. Adeyemi Ramon was born in Lagos, Nigeria on the 15th of January , 1978. […]Read Post ›

Title Isabella Medium acrylic / wood panel Size 24"x36"

Featured Artist – L Balombini – Artist Portfolio Magazine

Feature Artist L Balombini – Corrales, NM Instagram   SUBSCRIBE TO ARTIST PORTFOLIO MAGAZINE   Painting is like…deciding to go on an extended driving trip..in a pretty cool travel trailer. You spend time figuring out where you’d like to end up..what you’d like to see and do along the way. This all takes awhile because […]Read Post ›

Title Mountain village 2 Medium Oil on canvas Size 12"x12"

Featured Artist – Tex Han – Artist Portfolio Magazine

Featured Artist Tex Han – Gainesville, VA   SUBSCRIBE TO ARTIST PORTFOLIO MAGAZINE  

Title Faith Medium oil on panel with aluminum leaf Size 16x20

Featured Artist – Veronica Winters – Artist Portfolio Magazine

Featured Artist Veronica Winters – Naples, FL Instagram My figurative realism painting is a personal exploration of the interior life of women. We all have the public self and the private self, we often don’t reveal our inner life to others, and this is exactly what I paint. Painting is about revealing the truth the […]Read Post ›

Title Beloved of a Falling Song Medium Oil on panel Size 8 x 10 inches

Featured Artist – Mary Chiaramonte – Artist Portfolio Magazine

Featured Artist Mary Chiaramonte – Richmond, VA Instagram Born in 1979 in Harmony, West Virginia, Mary Chiaramonte began painting at the age of three. As a child she helped her family live from and farm their land. She had no TV or other distractions, and was encouraged to entertain herself with objects in nature. Left […]Read Post ›

Title Summer Fun Medium Pastel Size 15 x13

Joel Sobelson – Featured Artist

Artist Portfolio Magazine’s 20 Art Competition Joel Sobelson – Chapel Hill, NC We all have our private moments… when we find ourselves overcome by our hearts. My work strives to capture the emotional authenticity of these moments.  

Title Guano Medium Watercolor and Indian Ink Size 9x12

Merry Carter – Featured Artist

Artist Portfolio Magazine’s 20 Art Competition Merry Carter – Portland, OR Instagram Merry Jo Carter’s subjective portraiture captures the essence of life in vibrant watercolor and bold india ink. She is inspired by the strength & vulnerability of the alternative beauties that grace her life and social media feed. “I enjoy the alternative beauty That […]Read Post ›

Title Paper Lamp Shade Medium Digital Size 2112x3136

Susanne Jensen – Featured Artist

Artist Portfolio Magazine’s 20 Art Competition Susanne Jensen – Ithaca, NY This technicalzilla wards off any crashes to the hard drive by repelling computer hackers, in search of a gateway. She thrives on a diet of Linux and when she isn’t busy chomping on commands and syntax; it’s pretty awe inspiring. Drawing and painting, since […]Read Post ›