John Emerson: Cover Art Exhibit

Cover Art Exhibit

John Emerson

Title “Fortune Tellers Dream” Medium My tent, bike, backpack, water bottle, sketchbooks, fiberglass, wood, mirror Size Evolving
Title “Whenever, Wherever. However?” Medium Gallery, attic ladder, plaster, headlight, arduino Size Universal
Title “Self Portrait, Within a Self Portrait, Presented as a Gift” Medium 8′-2×4, rose, myself Size 2ft shy
Title “NowHERE” Medium Concrete, wood, motor, mirror Size 12′ x 5′ and beyond
Title Carpenters Paint Medium Porcelain, paint, canvas, myself Size Forgot my tape measure

The Cover Art Exhibit is an international juried art exhibit open to artists around the world working in any style and medium. To submit your work, visit My Art Contest

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