Art by Ash McGee: LA vs NY

Ash McGee

Los Angeles

Artist Portfolio Magazine

Ash “Zombee” McGee Is a passion driven visionary from Los Angeles, Ca.
Her world revolves around creativity, innovation, individuality, and love. She is inspired by the ugly beautiful and enjoys painting unusual imagery paired with vibrant hues. She strives to be inspired and forever inspire others. Her goal is to communicate messages through aesthetics in order to change perceptions to something more meaningful. She’s a dreamer. She’s quirky and proficient. She’s a creator of ideas, beauty, controlled madness and most of all, love.

…a little beautiful, loved…and twisted.

Title Bulls on Parade Medium Gouache Size 18×24
Title BioTribe-Amazon Medium Gouache Size 18×30
Title Snakes in the Grass Medium Gouache Size 18×24

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