2014 Cover Art Exhibition Winners

Finally! We have chosen the 20 artists that will be featured in an upcoming issue of Artist Portfolio Magazine.

Here are the 20 artists (in no specific order).

*Note – We have yet to decide on the art that will be on the cover of this issue. Who will it be? We just aren’t sure, but if you’d like to leave a comment on who you think it should be, then feel free to do so.

20 Artists
Barbara Krupp – Free Spirit
Kerri Warner – Splash
Sedi Pak – Amoebus I
Naveen Shakil – Untitled
Steph France – The Factory
Hildy Maze – Split Open Like a Seed Pod
Travis Apel – Coalescence
Sarah Treanor – Sanctuary
Ai-Ling Tseng – Vera
Michelle Utley Voigt- Fait Accompli
Ryota Matsumoto – Waves and Particles
Arup Lodh – A Cloudy Day
Lucas Seaward – Intimidation
Richard Masters – Forsaken Passages #2
Abie Sussman – A Life Well Spent
Susan Kneeland – Harbor Huddle
Peter Stucky – Brain Head Bust
Caroline Kraus – “Blanche’s” San Francisco
Petros Nagakos – Gaddafi
Michael Pantuso – Mechanical Bee Integration

49 thoughts on “2014 Cover Art Exhibition Winners

  1. would love to see Michele Utley’s Fait Accompli on the cover of the magazine. It is truly a masterpiece that touches the heart and soul. Thank you.

  2. I vote and love the artwork of Michele Utley Voigt, Fait Accompli for the Cover !!!

  3. So many layers of concept and emotion in Sarah Treanor’s image. It led me to read about her process and powerful story and it blew my mind. So excited for this.

  4. I’m a huge fan of Sarah Treanor’s photography, so my vote goes to Sanctuary.

  5. Sarah Treanor’s Sanctuary. There are some wonderful pieces here; some technically outstanding pieces. I cannot compare them, yet I find the subject of Sarah Treanor’s photo intriguing because it represents an imperfection; a raw, natural, human conflict. Meaning the title tells us “Sanctuary” but the image is the opposite of what that word implies. It is an imperfect, muck-surrounded, desperation collapsing into a crude structure hoping for sanctuary: but from what? Or whom? I just think it tells the story of art in a profoundly complex and challenging way. I sincerely hope that the magazine is confident enough to look at the story the pieces tell rather than playing it safe with images that are “comfortable” or those created only for shock value. Art should give back so much to the viewer that overwhelm and speechlessness are the only possible responses. Do pardon my use of absolutes, I’m not intentionally pedantic, it just . . . happens. Anyway, my vote is for “Sanctuary”, by Sarah Treanor.

  6. Congratulations to all the cover art exhibition winners!! 🙂 I vote for The Factory by Steph France for the cover.

  7. Sarah Treanor’s “Sanctuary” is so creative and emotional…I think it would make a great cover !!

  8. “Sanctuary” should grace your cover. It is, quite simply, head and shoulders above all the others. It offers a real human connection, which I felt was lacking in the others.

  9. I am delighted to discover Artist Portfolio magazine. About an image for your cover? I am inspired by Sarah Treanor’s series of grief photographs. Sanctuary will draw readers to all of your fabulous artists.

  10. I think Sanctuary by Sarah Treanor is amazing. There is a rawness and power to it. You can a truly feel the emotion flowing from it. Such an impressive piece. I’m looking forward to the article.

  11. Susan Kneeland’s Harbor Huddle is just beautiful and peaceful. I love her use of light and the blue reflection of the water to change the color of the boats. Best cover ever!

  12. Fait Accompli by Michele Utley is a beautiful emotional piece of art. It tugs at my heart. Definitely my vote for the cover!

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