Art by Joseph O’Neill: LA vs NY

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LA vs NY

Joseph O’Neill

Alfred Eisenstaedt proclaimed: “The important thing is not the camera, but the eye.”  Reflecting this bold credo, my innovative “Third Eye” photography skillfully illuminates sites and scenes that the normal vision easily overlooks. Across a monochrome arcade of life, my masterful black and white urban photography encapsulates the aesthetics of a modern romantic and mirrors the irrepressible energy of the world as I celebrates the possibility of the unexpected in urban life. Urban and industrial in tone, I begin with a nocturnal photograph of an ordinary building or street scene or beach scene and offers a close-range, almost intimate view of scenes of the environment. Rather than offering a wider view of an entire edifice, my sharp lens synthesizes every detail and is unerring – the work constantly demands that the viewer go outside and see their “ordinary” surroundings with better eyes

A master at manipulating the lens, my intuitive vision shines the spotlight on often overlooked urban beauties such as alleyways or tops of buildings, and showcases details of these edifices where there are often no people or even animals, only the living, breathing city.  With a sense of drama, my photography’s powerful oeuvre offers the sites and scenes of the world, dramatically highlighting in sharp black and white architectural forms with a clean and sharp visions. Employing dazzling dark and shimmering light contrasts, I brings dynamic movement and a sense of shifting light as I offers each locale a life of its own, offering a close, almost confrontational range. The sharpness of my nocturnal images best illustrates the skilled photographer’s finely developed sense of light and composition. With an intuitive vision, my oeuvre vividly envelopes the senses, inviting the viewer to re-think the images of the world as his film sees it, encouraging them to enter this environment and experience the view.

Regarded as a master of the black and white photography medium, my clear, elegantly composed black and white photography oeuvre expresses both my experiences and personal vision.

Title The New Tower Medium Digital Photography Size 17 x 11
Title Benches Medium Digital Photography Size 11 x 17
Title Time Square Medium Digital Photography Size 11 x 17