Art by Carie Workman: National Art Exhibit (USA)

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National Art Exhibit

Carie Workman

Hello, Carie Boulware Workman here. I am a self taught all medium artist. I draw everyday and usually you can find me in my shop, covered in paint, ink, gesso etc.
I was born in California in the late 60’s and I have lived as far away a Bury St. Edmonds, England. To say I have traveled is putting it mildly. I have a wonderful son who is the coolest hippie I know and I have 2 dogs, one has stuck around for 16 years and counting. I have a soul mate who makes me laugh and he also reminds me what day it is, when I need to eat and when it’s time to come up for air, or out of the shop.
I was diagnosed with Sjogrens syndrome back in 2008 and it has progressed to Raynauds and Lupus. Most days I can handle this health obstacle just fine. I will never let my health keep me from painting.
Currently I reside in Springfield Missouri. The inspiration I find in the Ozarks can’t be beat.

Title Spring Medium Acrylic Size 24in. X 30in.