Chuck Fletcher – Anniversary Art Exhibition

Artistically. Reflecting. Reality.

Blending elements of lifestyle portraiture and contemporary street photography, I use a camera to engage people and create wonder about who they are. My unique documentary-shooting style often reflects a personal impression or powerful combinations of action and emotion. Using artistic acumen to intimately frame “that honest moment” between the subject and photographer, I illuminate subtle, yet important, relationships between people.

My images are intentionally shot in public where the environment and subject are both dynamic. Theses blended challenges make open air photography an exciting way to transform everyday people, doing artistic things, into community models.

My creative philosophy is to limit the use of equipment and technology in the field so that I do not influence the environment. Using only a simple camera, it’s my job to balance scale, light, and luck. The best photographs creatively compose compelling subjects while demonstrating excellence in trade craft. The right photograph can have lifetimes of impact.

Since I am inspired by what I don’t understand about other people, my work encourages an enhanced awareness and broader sense of human interest about contemporary sociocultural themes exposed in candid portraits of people. My images often highlight diverse subcultures exhibiting unique characteristics or cultural norms. These photographs are stories of achievement, and provide insight into people who exist both before and after the photograph was made.

I am an accomplished Washington DC photographer and own Rush Street Gallery, a digital exhibition of contemporary artistic photography. In addition to my photo work with the Federal Government’s Executive Office, I was recently published in Art Tour International’s Top 60 Masters of Contemporary Art. I also won the 2015 American Art Awards as well as won the professional category in the Creative Quarterly Journal of Art and Design v 41. My work has been shown in many east coast galleries and more examples can be seen on my web site

About the “Finding the Line” series of images shown here:

Improvisation. Creativity. Emotion. Movement. Color. Energy. Mindfulness. These terms describe dance, the graphic arts, and music. They also describe skateboarding. In September 2015, the John F. Kennedy Center for Performing Arts in Washington DC launched an exploratory live exhibition examining skateboarding and skate culture as a performing art. The intersection and similarities, although not commonly framed as an art, are certainly present. It was a new endeavor to take a contemporary view of the skating community as a diverse, international subculture. Their rolling, athletic, motion is no different than ballet dancers and their performing arts lasting no longer than jazz notes. This photo series captures the skaters as artists, their will and emotion, and their gravity-defying moves as a contemporary art form.

Title:Earth is on Fire Medium:	Photography Size:	18 X 12
Title: Earth is on Fire
Medium: Photography
Size: 18 X 12
Title:Thinking about Gravity Medium:	Photography Size:	18 X 12
Title: Thinking about Gravity
Medium: Photography
Size: 18 X 12
Title:High Times Medium:	Photography Size:	18 X 12
Title: High Times
Medium: Photography
Size: 18 X 12
Title:Finding the Line Medium:	Photography Size:	18X 12
Title: Finding the Line
Medium: Photography
Size: 18X 12