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My story is the unconventional one; I did not paint or draw as a child, nor did I attend art classes or art schools; I was always told that I have to study to succeed in life, so I studied and became a registered nurse. At the age of 36, I decided to register my kids for art classes. As I waited for them to finish the session, a young instructor approached me with a pencil and paper and insisted that I draw through my boredom. Needless to say, I was touched by the magic and I signed up for art classes along with my children.
That one moment of apparent boredom while waiting for my kids made it clear to me that I would be creating art for the rest of my life. The joy I find in creating images from my imagination is indescribable. Using vibrant colors and loose brushstrokes to put a mind full of thoughts onto canvas is a rewarding, relaxing and surreal experience.

Title:Solitude Medium:	Oil Size:	28x22
Title: Solitude
Medium: Oil
Size: 28×22
Title:Shocked Medium:	Oil Size:	18x14
Title: Shocked
Medium: Oil
Size: 18×14
Title:OMG Medium:	Oil Size:	16x20
Title: OMG
Medium: Oil
Size: 16×20
Title:MAD Medium:	Oil Size:	16x20
Title: MAD
Medium: Oil
Size: 16×20

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