Mariana Peirano – Portraits Art Exhibition

My concern for the human condition is reflected in my artwork. The beauty of the human body and the perplexity of facial expressions are all recurring themes in my work. I like to create images that evoke emotion and portray the complexity of the mind.
I consider my work contemporary realism, however my recent work has a touch of the mystical and spiritual. Through my art I attempt to reveal the dramatic experiences and the monumental transformations that occur in our human life.
Although I’ve worked in acrylic and pastel, I love the richness and vividness of the oils. They allow me to take my time and work in layers. It’s as if I discover a new painting in each layer.
My process reflects my belief that I’m merely an instrument for the creative forces of the universe. I’m inspired by images that evoke a strong emotional response in me.

Title:Last Phase Medium:	Oil & Mixed media Size:	24"x30"
Title: Last Phase
Medium: Oil & Mixed media
Size: 24″x30″
Title:Self Observer Medium:	Oil Size:	12"x24"
Title: Self Observer
Medium: Oil
Size: 12″x24″
Title:Loss Medium:	Oil Size:	24"x24"
Title: Loss
Medium: Oil
Size: 24″x24″
Title:Surrender Medium:	Oil Size:	24"x36"
Title: Surrender
Medium: Oil
Size: 24″x36″