Maidy Morhous – Portraits Art Exhibition

“Art is a form of communication between the artist and the viewer. Art is about vision, and how that vision is expressed is what can create a strong emotional pull for the observer.”

I am inspired by the depth and breadth of bronze sculpting. The soft malleable aspect of clay allows my work to develop naturally while the strength and power of the cast metal evoking sensuality, passion. I begin with an idea, an emotion, an abstract concept. As the piece develops, my original concept evolves, solidifies, or in some cases, changes completely.

My artwork is embedded in social critique, political and cultural issues. The resistance to the oppression of socially inscribed narratives and socially dominating practice presented sublimely to the viewer and open to interpretation.
These themes often presented in a crème marbleized patina that establishes a dream-like surreal quality, suggests notions of purity and safety, and presents a modern look to the sculptures.

I see my work as relating collectively rather than as individualistic; the embodiment of feelings and emotions. In this way, my artwork is meant to be symbolic rather than representative.

The act of creating is an emotional release; it centers one, giving an inner peace which allows us to reflect not only on who we are, but how we think and feel. I realize now, that the pride of being an artist comes not from what one sells, but the inner peace one derives from the act of creating.

TitleSilenced Voices   Medium	bronze   Size	10"x16"x2"
Title Silenced Voices
Medium bronze
Size 10″x16″x2″
TitleJuxtaposing Views   Medium	bronze   Size	10"x7"x4"
Title Juxtaposing Views
Medium bronze
Size 10″x7″x4″
TitleMetamorphosos   Medium	bronze   Size	10"x24"x2"
Title Metamorphosos
Medium bronze
Size 10″x24″x2″