De Anne Sbardellati – Artist Portfolio Magazine

From an early age, De Anne has been influenced by the beauty, joy, challenge and drama of the human experience told by visual artists, performing artists, writers, craftsmen, and otherwise designers of emotive inspiration. She enjoys a view of the world as seen through the perceptions of art makers. Compelled to be part of THAT world she is encouraged to explore the artistic expression of her own experience and emotion. More specifically, she loves the deep and meaningful human connection that resonates through the arts. Twentieth century expressionist artists, among many others, have provided De Anne with much influence, passion and desire to find her own forms of self-expression.
Having been a practicing artist from a very young age, De Anne has utilized every opportunity to create art. Her first formal experience of art making was with her kindergarten teacher, Dorothy Nye in Ypsilanti Michigan. Her young love of artistic creating was recognized from the beginning: K report card-“shows growth in creative ability” grade 1 “shows much creativity” 2nd grade” De Anne is very creative in her art work”. She was rewarded throughout her childhood for her unique and tenacious approach to self- expression. She has been identified, by both and family, and friends by the trail of creative chaos that surrounds her and follows in her wake.
Later in her development De Anne turned her attention toward the stage, where she trained in dance, voice, and acting. These studies culminated in a Bachelor of Arts degree in Theater Arts at California State University of Long Beach. In 2013 she once again followed her muse and was lead to earn her Master of Arts degree in Spiritual Psychology.
While raising her family she continued her active love of the arts through self -teaching
and consistent practice. She often directed her children and their friends in art-making projects and theatrical performances. Over the last twenty years, she has pursued formal academic education in visual arts. Jay Sagan, personal mentor and art instructor at Coastline Community College played a large role in her artistic development. He curated her first solo exhibit hanging large 6’x6’ narrative fiber artworks from the vaulted ceilings of the Coastline Community College offices in Fountain Valley California. He guided her toward what grew to be the primary focus of her study, the human form, the vulnerability and connectivity of the human condition using live models as the subject of her drawings, paintings, and sculptures.
De Anne has participated in numerous solo, invitational, juried and open art exhibits since 1997. She has worked intensely in many medias including fabric, clay, acrylic, oil and latex paints, o and currently uses a mix of all and more of the afore mentioned medias in her recent work. Today she continues her personal art development, concurrently running expressive arts classes and workshops including life drawing and painting sessions, emphasizing authentic self expression and well being, at her studio in Tustin California.

TitleFeminisme   Medium	Mixed Media on Canvas   Size	30x24
Title Feminisme
Medium Mixed Media on Canvas
Size 30×24
TitleGolden Touch   Medium	Mixed media on Canvas   Size	30x24
Title Golden Touch
Medium Mixed media on Canvas
Size 30×24
TitleCherub Frame   Medium	Oil on canvas   Size	10”x8"
Title Cherub Frame
Medium Oil on canvas
Size 10”x8″
TitleSherry Profile   Medium	Mixed media on Paper   Size	25x28
Title Sherry Profile
Medium Mixed media on Paper
Size 25×28