Title No Nose Know (outside view) Medium Mix Media Interactive Installation Size 2x3x4 ft

Featured Artist – Nandan Sam He

Featured Artist Nandan Sam He – New York, NY Instagram Nandan Sam He(GuangDong, 1991) is a Multimedia Artist now lives and works in NYC. My works are fragments of a recovering voyage towards my odd phantasm and nihilistic belongingness. My generation grew up in a perception that reality is the most surreal thing. When everything […]Read Post ›

Title Las Hermanitas Medium Mixed Media, Resin Collaged on Mounted Wood Panel Size 28"x30"x3"

Featured Artist – Marcelina Gonzales

Featured Artist Marcelina Gonzales – Brownsville, TX Instagram Marcelina Gonzales received her Bachelor of Arts from the University of Texas at Brownsville in 2013. Having been born and raised along the Mexican American border her entire life, Gonzales, through her work, seeks to break the preconception of what it means to be a Latina female. […]Read Post ›

Title Who, me? Medium Charcoal, acrylic and paper on canvas Size 20x16in

Featured Artist – Jason Antaya

Featured Artist Jason Antaya – Chicopee, MA GET THE LATEST ISSUE OF ARTIST PORTFOLIO MAGAZINE Born in Springfield, MA, Jason Antaya is a mixed media collage artist who resides in Chicopee, MA with his wife Annie. Jason’s collage works are highly imaginative, intricate and many are a blend of representational portraiture and abstract figurative subjects. […]Read Post ›

Title The Red Hats are Coming Medium Mixed Media on Canvas Size 24”x30”

Featured Artist – Dustin Massey

Featured Artist Dustin Massey – Powdersville, SC Instagram SUBSCRIBE TO ARTIST PORTFOLIO MAGAZINE We receive visual information in our society through constantly changing images. The world is saturated with information that is unedited, torrential, pixelated, flickering, backlit, and instantaneous. Through paint I construct a world that exists somewhere between the physical and the digital and […]Read Post ›

Title LADY BUTTERFLY Medium Painting on silk,batik Size 40x40 inch

Featured Artist – Natallia Mazurkevich

Featured Artist Natallia Mazurkevich – Brooklyn, NY Instagram SUBSCRIBE TO ARTIST PORTFOLIO MAGAZINE I am a professional artist from Belarus, My education is in the arts. Subjects-drawings, painting,composition and design. I left art school in the city of Minsk. Belarus (1985),then finished art college after studying to be a designer of clothes in (1989), then […]Read Post ›

Title Svarog Medium Mixed media, stone, steel, concrete, enamel paint Size 30 H x 15 W x 14 in

Featured Artist – Astian Rey – Artist Portfolio Magazine

Featured Artist Astian Rey – Kiev, Ukraine Instagram Born in 1987 in Kiev, Ukraine in the family of the artist. Got an art education. During the studies I have been practicing drawing and sculpturse techniques. In my author’s techniques I use the materials like stones, metals, concrete, enamel paint and mixed media. I always take […]Read Post ›

Title Potts, A Life of Stories Medium Mixed Media: Woodblock Print, Found Materials, Family Memorabilia, Digital Media, Acrylic Paint, Image Transfers on Silk and Paper; Mounted on Birch Plywood Size 48 inches wide x 36 inches high

Claudia Wilburn – Featured Artist

Artist Portfolio Magazine’s 20 Art Competition Claudia Wilburn – Jefferson, GA Instagram Bio: Claudia Wilburn is a mixed-media artist currently living in Northeastern Georgia and teaching as an Associate Professor at Brenau University where she is the Department Chair for Art & Design and Program Director of Studio Art. She received her Masters of Fine […]Read Post ›

Title Buddy and Morris Medium Mixed Media Size 36" x 48"

Ryan Doran – Featured Artist

Artist Portfolio Magazine’s 20 Art Competition Ryan Doran – Martinez, CA Ryan Doran’s paintings fuse the grittiness of the street with the traditional graffiti stencil style, combining paint and paper, darkness and light, music and street ethos to create a mosaic capturing the beauty and urban decay you pass every day. Studying art in its […]Read Post ›

Title Contained Medium Mixed Media: Suspended bottles and water Size 30"X15"X17"

Kally Kahn – Featured Artist

Artist Portfolio Magazine’s 20 Art Competition Kally Kahn – Portland, OR Kally Kahn is a mixed media artist living in Portland Oregon. These works express emotion unvented; Be it from beneath the calm exterior of the repressed person or from the quiet of mantle of the voiceless earth. Beneath the surface there is always deep […]Read Post ›

Title Screaming Damselfly Medium Mixed Media Size 30 x 30 x 2 inches

Josef Galvez – Featured Artist

Artist Portfolio Magazine’s 20 Art Competition Josef Galvez – St. Louis, MO Instagram After spending his formative years under conventional academic schooling in Manila and St. Louis, Josef Galvez joined the St. Louis Alt Art group in 2015. Now free from academic convention he uses Introrealist principles in his work. As an artist he is […]Read Post ›