Michelle Andrea Fox – Q2 Art Competition

Artist Portfolio Magazine – Q2 Art Competition

Seeing beauty through my eyes. That is my mantra and what inspires my photography. Since a high school photography class I have always loved to capture moments of beauty and that has only continued to grow. Photography being my true passion, my favorite being nature photography and all that that entails. I love to share the beauty in light, dark, flowers, trees, natural scenery, nature in general, all raw materials and things that not everyone may see the beauty in. My goal is to specialize in light and foreground shots. I love to give a more realistic view to those whom want to admire. A true escape for ones mind and moment to draw viewers into the snapshot as though they were right there beside me as I clicked the button. Bordering on obsession I’m thankful to have the patience and support of my family as I trek through nearly each and every outing with my camera in tow and at the ready. I truly hope you enjoy my photography as this is a first in sharing any of them. After spending 20+ years as a stay at home mom, I am now a very near empty nester. I have much more time to focus on my pursuit of bringing joy and happiness to all who view my snapshots. I am looking forward to this journey and hope to bring my obsession into a fulfilling future for all.

I hope you enjoy!

Michelle Andrea Fox

Title:Abyss Of Light Medium:	Photography Size:	Standard
Title: Abyss Of Light
Medium: Photography
Size: Standard
Title:Mission Bloom Medium:	Photography
Title: Mission Bloom
Medium: Photography
Title:Eden's Light Medium:	Photography
Title: Eden’s Light
Medium: Photography
Title:Heavenly Flight Medium:	Photography
Title: Heavenly Flight
Medium: Photography