Laurence Sachs – Q2 Art Competition

Artist Portfolio Magazine – Q2 Art Competition

Laurence Sachs – Teaneck, NJ

To me photography is like having your own private wido into the world. *ts like another set of eyes. When ever I am out I tendto see how things would look as if through the lens of a camera. Sometimes I would see things and line them up by their angles or geometric shapes. Other timesI would think to myself, ” I wonder how this would look in color or “I wonder how this would look in monochrome”.Because of this I am rarely without some type of camera from cell phone to DSLR which these days means a Nikon.

I first got the photography bug at camp when I was 9 years old. I Borrowed a kodak instamitic camera. THoses ohoto I no longer have but since I have kept just about everything I shot on prints, negetives, chromes and SD cards. Eceptions would be wa=hat I shor for varios school yearsbook as well as chroes used in multimedia slede presentations. ONe of these can be found on youtube under JFTY Urban Mitzcah Corps 1981. I did the majority of the slide work for it.

My photos work originally centerd around landscapes and sunsets.Friends and strangers have told me that some of my best work has a sunset in them. They have said that the photos give off a very peaceful feeling when being looked at, especially after a long day at work. Always looking for a photographic challe, I have since brached out and have been experimenting with photolight painting/long exposure and with shooting monochrome in urban settings. Several of my pieces have been sold to private collectors up and down the eastern seaboard.Additiinally I have had my owrk on display at The Queens NY Museum also knownn as The Queens Mueum of Art as well as in exhibitions at Provincetown Art Association Museum in Procincetown MA. My work has also been on display a in various galleries in teh NY/NJ/CT metropolitan area. Laslty I have done archival still photo work for an independent feature film as well as a short which made the film festival circut in the spring, autumn and winter of 2016/17.

In summin up, to me, each photograph I take tells some type of story. It up to you to make it up, write it down or tell it with with as little or as much detail as you wish.

Title:leaning wood Medium:	photography Size:	approx 11 by 9
Title: leaning wood
Medium: photography
Size: approx 11 by 9
Title:Clothes line Medium:	Photography Size:	approx 8 by 10
Title: Clothes line
Medium: Photography
Size: approx 8 by 10
Title:In Concert Medium:	Photography Size:	unsure
Title: In Concert
Medium: Photography
Size: unsure
Title:mailcall Medium:	photography Size:	12 by 12
Title: mailcall
Medium: photography
Size: 12 by 12