Honorable Mentions – Q4 Art Competition

Artist Portfolio Magazine – 2017 Q4 Art Competition

Honorable Mentions


Artist Portfolio Magazine is pleased to announce our selections for Honorable Mentions from our 2017 Q4 Art Competition.

Listed in no particular order.

Once again, thank you to all the Artists who participated in our open call for art. … Thank you!


Christophe Vacher – Toluca Lake, CA – In the Realm of Morpheus

Lynn Chen – Chia-yi, Taiwan – Fashionable

Silvia Schmitt – Friedberg, Germany – Arnold Schwartzenegger

Anya Rubin – Passaic, NJ – Idea Weaver

Antonio Gonzalez – Miami, FL – Coloquium

Joel Libby – College Place, WA – John Glenn

Maidy Morhous – Del Mar, CA – Priority-Special Handling

Alan Gorman – West Orange, NJ – Z Line Zs

Amber Danneille Thomas – Alameda, CA – The Romantic

Nemo Nox – Baltimore, MD – Façades of New Orleans 04

Eileen Burgess – New York, NY – Yale Padlocks

Branch Grubic – Subenik, Croatia – Freelove

Rufus Royster – Atlanta, GA – Wonder from the Start

Szekely Szilard – Baia Mare, Romania – Anodyne for Sorrow

Eva Redamonti  – Brookline, MA – Dream

Zane White – Albuquerque, NM – Home on the Range

Elias Locke – Brooklyn, NY – The Kármán Line

Marli LaGrone – Portland, ME – Snack II

Seong Young Kim – Woodside, NY – Diego


Sam Dolman – Chesterfield, UK – Ruban

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