Jim Lemons – 10 Art Competition

Artist Portfolio Magazine’s 10 Art Competition

Jim Lemons – Colorado Springs, CO

Born in 1960, I have always drawn and been involved in creative endeavors. I studied and learned diligently on my own, learning to draw people and things from my imagination instead of reference. I did illustrations, paintings and comic stories to express myself. I was a science fiction fan and big reader on many topics. I was into exploring what could be said with those mediums and studied what others had done too.

Later I learned the computer and taught myself to do graphics and worked for over 25 years in the field of graphic design, designing the look of many things including the DISH network logo, and their overall look, maps and technical illustrations for engineering firms, redesigning curriculum for K-adult materials to fit modern styles, illustrations and photo manipulations, book and cover design, etc. I was also getting published in many various formats, making comic stories and having showings of computer and comic art.

Then I was in a car accident and had injuries including a head injury and severe neck and lower back injuries. It led to years of depression, mental decline and many other issues associated with the medications for depression. I was treated and didn’t get better and struggled to keep a place for me and my son to live. I wasn’t able to keep up and worked various jobs to keep things going. All the while I was wondering what was happening to me. I ended up homeless and destitute but I still carried a sketch pad around with me. I got some assistance and a place to live and am working to taking care of things though I still struggle with memory and functional issues from the head injury.

My newer works, done digitally, are me trying to express how I was struggling to keep my form, my sense of self, through all the extreme loss and chaos. I have had others feel inspired by my work, which is great. If I can help others who are struggling to see some hope or beauty, in any way, that is a good thing. Art and creating have been my one life line when all other things fell away and even when I can’t function well, my art helps me feel like there is something of value I can do. Doing my art I can still find beauty and some sense of peace and discovery.

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