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Connie Moore – Waynoka, OK

Connie Moore, M.Ed., began a career as an artist in 2003 when she opened a digital art studio and gallery in Waynoka, Oklahoma. She still offers unique digital art pieces printed on canvas utilizing her customer’s photos. However, her artistic focus shifted in the summer of 2011 when she began her creative journey in layered mixed media abstract art. She discovered her love for this art process and was heavily influenced by the vast artistic community of Mendocino, California. Beginning with an exploratory process of placing various materials on a blank canvas, she, spontaneously, without conscious intent adds layers of unique textures and color. Each piece is a wonderful surprise. The process of creating without intent; not expecting a certain outcome allows her to be purely in the moment with her art. She finds as much pleasure in the process as she does in the final outcome.
​ A variety of materials are used in the creation process. Materials include cotton linter paper, gel, beads, molding paste, sand, string, cheese cloth, gold and silver leaf, acrylic and oil paint, saw dust, alcohol, powered paint, ink, egg shell, plastic, and tin foil. Connie states, “I am continually evaluating items I run across contemplating their use in a painting. The colors and textures that emerge from these materials are simply fascinating.” Her abstract works are best known from her use of metallic materials.
​In the summer of 2014, her creativity took yet another turn when she attended a week-long workshop from world known still life oil artist, Charles Becker. She continues to study with Charles during summers and in 2017 began studying with master artist, Brian Davis. Brian best known for his luminous botanical artworks. The contrast of striving for a realistic outcome as opposed to the spontaneity of the abstract art pieces opened up new levels of fun for her. She moves back and forth from the oil easel to her layered abstract station totally enjoying the challenge each presents. She explains the oil artworks force her to slow down and be extremely disciplined in her intention while the abstract pieces allow her energies to flow freely. “I am excited to see how the two opposites influence my work in the future,” she states.
She is married to her greatest supporter, Richard Moore, Ph.D. They live on a farm north of Waynoka, Oklahoma with their dog, Zoe. They also spend several months per year at their coastal home in Mendocino, California.

Title Sweet Moment Medium Oil on Canvas Size 11x14

Sweet Moment
Oil on Canvas
Title Cherished Moment Medium Oil on Canvas Size 11x14

Cherished Moment
Oil on Canvas
Title Be a Dreamer Medium Oil on Canvas Size 12x16

Be a Dreamer
Oil on Canvas
Title Tulip Tango Medium Oil on Canvas Size 14x18

Tulip Tango
Oil on Canvas