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Maria Ivanova – Saint Petersburg, Russia

I create “photos from different worlds” as I call them, and animated films. In my works I use photos, textures and paint a lot of fur and hair. Characters in my works don’t have names, and they are not animals, nor are they humans. They are what they are – different type of species from faraway. Every “photo” is provided with a very short story, sometimes just few words. It’s like as if you are walking down the street and some people are passing by, and for a brief moment you heard scraps of conversations and thoughts… the next moment they are gone. I love this feel of mystery and that something is left untold. I think there is a lot of freedom in open endings.
Sometimes when everyhting in life becomes overwhelming, I seek retreat, I seek shelter within myself. It is then, when it opens – a door, or a window… and I can catch a glimpse of something not connected to daily troubles. Some light, some shadows, something otherworldly. And if in that moment I am sensitive enough, these light and shadows can leave traces, they can transform, like in photography, into visual form, into images, into frozen moments of someone’s live and untold stories.

Dying Daylight Medium Digital art Size 2000x2000 pixels
Dying Daylight
Digital art
2000×2000 pixels
First Harvest Medium digital art Size 2647x2000 pixels
First Harvest
digital art
2647×2000 pixels
And Food Has Lost Its Taste Medium digital art Size 2759x2000
And Food Has Lost Its Taste
digital art
At Dawn I Understood I Won't Return Home Medium digital art Size 2658x2000
At Dawn I Understood I Won’t Return Home
digital art