Artist Portfolio Magazine Issue 39 is Here!!!

Issue 39 is finally here and available at Congratulations to Brian Owens for capturing the cover art for issue 39. If you get the chance check out his Instagram page and watch him spend about 100 hours working on this piece. Of course, it’s condensed down to 1 minute, but it’s a minute worth […]

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Featured Artist – Luke Carlton

You can’t see it right now, but hovering right above your head, there’s a small, tornado-like elephant’s trunk beaming into your mentals. That cyclone absorbs a constant influx of thoughts, scents, conversations, mishaps, and pleasures. We internalize and process these stimuli differently, and thus we radiate different vibrations outward into our surroundings. We embrace these rhythms at the synapses in our brain, the tingling nerves at our fingertips…  …much like the rush of life that floods into your bloodstream with a deep breath, that which only magnifies as you slowly exhale… We share different components of the same engine, yet I cannot tell you everything I want to. I find I can better express my inner ruminations and provocations with a canvas than a turn of phrase. A stare into canvas is a snapshot into my dimensions. I trade diction and syntax for lines and color. I submit to the universe, and in return the universe embodies my every breath- my every step. With the flow of each stroke, I shout to the skies.

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Featured Artist – Christy Bruna

Christy is originally from Columbus/Westerville, OH and currently lives in Hilliard, OH. For 20 years she lived in Southern Maine, where her professional career in drawing started, but has been drawing since she was introduced to a pencil at a very young age. She moved back to Ohio the summer of 2018, residing in Hilliard. Christy is self-taught and her specialty mediums are ink, colored pencil and graphite pencil. Christy is known as an ‘Angel Artist’. She has always been fascinated by the supernatural spirituality of angels. She especially likes angels carved in stone as headstones in cemeteries. She gets her inspiration from these beautiful sculptures of art and how they weather throughout the years with the deterioration of the stone and the moss that grows on these headstones. These stones are pieces of art that continuously change year after year. Christy loves to capture the beauty of these headstones on paper from new to the aging of old. She mainly draws on white paper, but enjoys working on black paper to show depth and variety with white colored pencil and white ink. She will sometimes add metallic ink to her white colored pencil drawings on black paper to give her drawings a unique look. Christy’s variety of work has been displayed in numerous galleries, exhibitions and some publications throughout Southern Maine & New Hampshire and The Alice-Rice Gallery in Laguna Beach, CA. She also Co-Owned VIBE Art Gallery in Somersworth, NH. Being new to Ohio in mid 2018, she has had her work exhibited in Dublin, OH and Downtown Columbus, OH and placing wins in these exhibits. Christy also works on commission and has drawn many people/entertainers and pet/animal portraits along with her angels throughout her career.  

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Issue 39 Selections – April 2019

Issue 39 Selections – April 2019

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Featured Artist – Evan Thanus

Featured Artist Evan Thanus – New York, NY Throughout art history art itself has been shown to be fragile, delicate, and beautiful or ugly, terrifying and emotionally negative. The artwork I made takes the good aspects of both art worlds and mixes it into one piece. My artwork shows some of my dark emotions without […]

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Featured Artist – Matthew Harding

Born and raised in the Bruekelen Housing Projects in Brooklyn, New York, Matthew loved cartoons and animation for the artwork and spent lots of time drawing his favorite animals and cartoon characters. Always displaying a vivid imagination and constantly daydreaming during class. His mother and grandmother always encouraged a career in art. His grandmother was the first to ever tell him to become a painter. She would admire sunsets and tell him that she bet he could paint them if he tried. Matthew made frequent trips to Florida as a child visiting family. It was on one of those trips that he met the first professional artist/writer he had ever seen in his life. He spent hours on the train drawing pictures with the artist. His first and only collaboration was done with that artist on that train. Considering all those things Matthew still wouldn’t think of a serious career in art until 2010.

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Featured Artist – Richard Miller

Featured Artist Richard Miller – Arlington, TX Instagram From his days growing up in Maryland, Richard Miller has had two passions. First, a love for making art, and second, a love of music. These two interests would run parallel throughout his life, ultimately coinciding in Miller’s unique music based paintings. In his early years, Richard […]

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Featured Artist – Helen Canetta

Abstract is the art form which speaks to me the loudest because it leads the viewers and painters alike on a thrilling path of discovery where the rational mind no longer dictates how things are or should be and where anything and everything is palpable and resonates if only we allow ourselves the freedom to stop thinking.

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Featured Artist – Lennie Peterson

Lennie Peterson has traveled the world several times dedicating his life to visual art, music, and Arts education. He is a former Assistant Professor of Arranging and Composition at Boston’s Berklee College of Music and has performed with some of the world’s most renowned orchestras in prestigious concert halls internationally. Lennie has also worked and performed with a variety of artists including Tony Bennett and Aretha Franklin. He is currently trombonist and multi-instrumentalist with the New England based world music group, Entrain. Lennie’s award-winning artwork has been purchased throughout the world and featured in exhibitions around the United States including solo exhibitions at Harvard University, The Boston Convention Center, and in New York City and Los Angeles. His composer portraits are included in art collections in Japan, Wales, Argentina, Switzerland and throughout the United States. Lennie also travels extensively as a Public Speaker for Arts advocation. His illustrations have been featured in publications and web sites internationally. “The Big Picture”, Peterson’s nationally syndicated daily comic strip, appeared in more than 100 newspapers and was published as a book collection by Andrews/McMeel Publishing. It is currently running as a daily feature on the sydicate’s website, In addition, he has written and illustrated over a dozen humor and children’s books. Lennie has also served as Co-Creative Director and consultant for Bose Corporation for various custom projects. This included the overseeing and management of script writing, conducting, composing, producing, animation, recording, and educational aspects of Bose music and film. He was Co-Producer and Co-Creative Director for the film, “Musically Speaking”, developed for public schools world-wide to teach children the appreciation and life enhancing values of music. Other clients include EMC corporation, Colubris, Stratus Technologies and, most recently, Ford Motor Company. Lennie was born in Central Massachusetts, his father a musician and his late mother a visual artist. When he is not traveling, he resides in a seaside community on the South Shore of Boston, MA. He is currently working on his next book, based on his “Seven Laws of Creative Genius” public speaking program.

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Featured Artist – Nika Armine

Featured Artist Nika Armine – Sherman Oaks, CA Instagram Artist Statement I have neither rules nor routine when I paint. There is no style that I label my art with. Every painting brings its own environment and structure. The technique is dictated by subject matter and it gives me a freedom to create what I’m […]

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Featured Artist – Victoria Washington

Featured Artist – Victoria Washington

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Featured Artist – Tony Belobrajdic

Born in Croatia in 1958, Tony Belobrajdic is a full-time figurative artist. He started exhibiting in late seventies and had his first solo show in 1983, Croatia. Tony relocated to New York in 1987 where he continued his art practice. He has been living and working as a Freelance Artist in Sydney since 1989. Tony divides his time between his studios in Sydney and Croatia, exhibits both in Sydney and Europe regularly.

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