Featured Artist – Haimeng Cao

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Haimeng Cao – Irvine, CA

Haimeng Cao is a freelance artist in Los Angeles. He graduated in ArtCenter College of Design, illustration major. His skills focus on concept design and visual development. The medium of the work is digital painting, rendering and modeling. He was influenced by several dystopian novels, especially 1984 and Brave New World, and the artists such as Mobius and Katsuhiro Otomo. The theme of his work is mainly about future city landscape design, the atmosphere and mood of the works otherwise indicate the totalitarian and formalized future societies. Every piece of work has unique camera angle and displays spectacular panorama of the city. Each city has different architecture styles and atmospheres. The story is established within those techniques.

Tank and Heavy Cannon Medium Digital Art Size 1500×643
Tank and Heavy Cannon – Digital Art – 1500×643
City Rig System Medium Digital Art Size 1500×643
City Rig System – Digital Art – 1500×643
Core Medium Digital Art Size 1500×643
Core – Digital Art – 1500×643
Industrial Area Medium Digital Art Size 1500×643
Industrial Area – Digital Art – 1500×643