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Nika Armine – Sherman Oaks, CA

Artist Statement
I have neither rules nor routine when I paint. There is no style that I label my art with. Every painting brings its own environment and structure. The technique is dictated by subject matter and it gives me a freedom to create what I’m willing to express when I don’t attach myself to a particular niche. At the same time, I don’t think about the technique when I work, I think about life, things that move me or tickle my thoughts.

Having said that…

I’m glad that I got an academic art training from very early age on and I believe in classical artistic values – standards of beauty, study of nature and the human figure. Those are the foundations that ground me and help me to integrate the emerging new technological tools into my work with confidence.

Nika Arminé


Nika Arminé, an Armenian-born artist currently based in Los Angeles, is one of those rare people who knew her life’s calling from a very early age. When she was only four years old, she did her first impromptu portrait of her father while her parents were in the midst of entertaining a group of friends, some of whom happened to be artists. Being an unassuming child, she didn’t think anything of her drawing and went about her play, when suddenly the adults in the room noticed the portrait and the party came to a halt: everyone was mesmerized by what they saw – this four year old was a naturally gifted artist. Nika remembers this day, as it marked the beginning of her life-long love affair with the fascinating world of Art.

After numerous shows as a child-artist, Nika’s formal education began at the Terlemezian College of Fine Arts in Yerevan, Armenia at the age of 14 and continued at Academy of Fine Arts in Yerevan, where, in 2000, she received her Master of Fine Arts degree in painting.

Nika Armine’s first solo exhibition took place when she was only 15 years old, and was followed by many presentations throughout Armenia, as well as in Moscow, St Petersburg, Paris, Berlin, London…

Today Nika’s work can be found in both public and private collections around the world.

Nika’s style is best described as Figurative Impressionism. What captures the viewer’s attention right away in her work is the brilliant color-palette. You can’t help but feast your eyes on the vibrant reds and oranges, the buoyant yellows and ethereal blues. Possessing a range of skills broad enough to represent the figurative to the conceptual, Nika’s works vary widely in style.

 Dream It Medium Oil on Canvas Size 42 x42"

Dream It
Oil on Canvas
42 x42″
 Protruding Light Medium Oil on Canvas Size 48 x48"

Protruding Light
Oil on Canvas
48 x48″
 Hopeful Medium Oil on Canvas Size 40 x 40"

Oil on Canvas
40 x 40″
 Caliber 1 Medium Oil on Canvas Size 40 x 40"

Caliber 1
Oil on Canvas
40 x 40″