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Featured Artist

Evan Thanus – New York, NY

Throughout art history art itself has been shown to be fragile, delicate, and beautiful or ugly, terrifying and emotionally negative. The artwork I made takes the good aspects of both art worlds and mixes it into one piece. My artwork shows some of my dark emotions without being ugly, and actually being delicate at times. I use all types of medias and styles and I try to do what my gut tells me to do.

 Love and Money Medium Acrylic and sharpie ink

Love and Money
Acrylic and sharpie ink
 Brightest Night Medium Acrylic on stone

Brightest Night
Acrylic on stone
 drowning in sugar Medium soda cans and acrylic

drowning in sugar
soda cans and acrylic
 Fish of the sky Medium water color and ink

Fish of the sky
water color and ink