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Featured Artist

Maria-Victoria Checa – Bethesda, MD

In my abstract paintings, I like to evoke feelings of freedom, liveliness and transformation. Through hyper color contrast and dynamic composition, I try to create movement and instability on my canvas. I thrive on spontaneity, and highly value adaptability and flexibility. I am fascinated by abstract painters like Gerhard Richter and Vassily Kandinsky. Armed with my fancy squeegee and various painting knives, I merge techniques from both painters to create colorful imaginary forests and landscapes.

I was born and raised in France. My father was from Nicaragua which I have visited numerous times. I presently live in the Washington, DC area where I teach Mathematics part-time at Montgomery College. I also love learning Argentine Tango. ​

I hope you enjoy discovering my artwork.

 Le Grand Bleu Medium Acrylic on Canvas Size 36" x 24"

Le Grand Bleu
Acrylic on Canvas
36″ x 24″
 Pluie Sauvage Medium Oil on Canvas Size 48" x 72"
Pluie Sauvage
Oil on Canvas
48″ x 72″
 Ténêbres Medium Acrylic on Canvas Size 36" x 24"
Acrylic on Canvas
36″ x 24″
 Oiseau Rebelle Medium Oil on Canvas Size 36" x 36"

Oiseau Rebelle
Oil on Canvas
36″ x 36″