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John Creekmore – Fairborn, OH

I’ve been an artist since the age of ten but I didn’t discover myself until recently. Although I’ve had art courses and training in Commercial Art, Technical Illustration and The Dayton Art Institute I had a family to look after so at the age of 27 I walked away from art to put food on the table. Five years ago a good friend convinced me to step back up to it for his cigar box guitar business, I was unsure of doing so I hadn’t done any art in so long. But it came back so quickly and I realized what was missing from my life, art makes me happy and complete. Then I slowly discovered my own technique of pencil and white acrylic and how I could come back to realism in that fashion. To be able to bring the eyes of my subjects to life brought back a thrill to my art that I hadn’t known before. Now I wish to share it with the world.

 Chester Bennington Medium Pencil/acrylic/colored pencil Size 11" x 14"

Chester Bennington
Pencil/acrylic/colored pencil
11″ x 14″
 "Lady from Hades"/ww2 squadron nose art Medium mixed media/ with digital lettering Size 11" x 14"

“Lady from Hades”/ww2 squadron nose art
mixed media/ with digital lettering
11″ x 14″
 Sandra Medium pen & ink/colored pencil/acrylic Size 11" x 14"

pen & ink/colored pencil/acrylic
11″ x 14″
 Thirst Medium colored pencil/acrylic/pencil Size 11" x 14"

colored pencil/acrylic/pencil
11″ x 14″

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  1. I just want to say this artist has done fabulous work. His love and passion had made beautiful and life like drawings not to mention the cigar box guitars they are wonderful.I would truly say the he is the best artist by far

    Heather Stover

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