Title "Pierrot with coffee" Medium russian clay , charcoal and pastel Size 22x30

Featured Artist – Michael Costello

Featured Artist Michael Costello – Boston, MA Instagram   SUBSCRIBE  “La commedia e finita,” i.e. “The comedy is finished,” is the closing line of Leoncavallo’s “Pagliacci”. The story of the tragic comic protagonist Pagliacci is a traveling clown who murders his wife Nedda and her lover in the final scene when he discovers that he […]Read Post ›

Title Lady Branches Medium Charcoal and watercolor Size 40x50 cm

Katarina Vintrafors – Featured Artist

Featured Artist Katarina Vintrafors – Helsingborg, Sweden Instagram I am an artist and childrens books illustrator from Sweden. I have illustrated 60 childrens books and audio books for swedish and international publishing companies. I paint christmas cards, charicatures, playing cards, paintings and prints. Mostly I work in watercolor, charcoal and ink, but I also work […]Read Post ›

Title Sea Turtle Medium Colored pencil Size 20x 30 cm

Esperanza Jimenez – 10 Art Competition

Artist Portfolio Magazine’s 10 Art Competition Esperanza Jimenez – Madrid, Spain Instagram I was born in Valencia, Spain. I have studied biology, graphic design, illustration and received training in different artistic techniques. I work mainly in colored pencils and sometimes combine them with watercolor and ink. I also love scratchboard. My primary subjects are human […]Read Post ›

Title Bunny love Medium Copic pen on paper Size 14 in. x 17in.

Derya Kadipasaoglu – Artist Portfolio Magazine

Artist Portfolio Magazine – 2017 Q4 Art Competition Derya Kadipasaoglu – Culver City, CA Instagram “All you touch and all you see, is all your life will ever be.” In his lyrics, Roger Waters elegantly captures that which compels me to draw: the awareness that I don’t just have a body and a brain, but […]Read Post ›

Title: Cronos Medium: pastel on paper Size: 20x30 cm

Maksim Mezhuritsky – Q4 Art Competition

Artist Portfolio Magazine – 2017 Q4 Art Competition Maksim Mezhuritsky – Tel Aviv, Israel Born in Odessa, Ukraine in 1974. Since 1990  live in Israel. In 2000, graduated from the Open University of Israel in economics and computers. The year 2001 graduated from the courses and worked as a Jewelery Designer. In 25 years was […]Read Post ›

Title: minute and far away... Medium: oil on paper, collage Size: 30"x22"

Sheila Sullivan – Q4 Art Competition

Artist Portfolio Magazine – 2017 Q4 Art Competition Sheila Sullivan – Stevens Point, WI Up until a few years ago, my work had always been more purely subjective and expressionistic than representational. However, under the influence of child art I have incorporated more elementary figurative forms and devices, and manipulated them in accord with the […]Read Post ›

Title Tiempo relativo. (Relative time) Medium Rapidograph pens, ink, color pencils and art markers. Size 75cm width X 55cm length

Verónica Madrid-Malo – Portraits Art Exhibition

Artist Portfolio Magazine – 2016 Portraits Art Exhibition Verónica Madrid-Malo – Bogotá, Colombia Colombian since july 6th of 1990. I studied arts and literature at Universidad de los Andes, (Bogotá, Colombia) but I didn’t finish literature. My emphasys was in the area of plastic arts and my main interest are drawings; that doesn’t mean I abandonned […]Read Post ›

Title: The Empress Medium: charcoal and white conte Size: 9x12

Paris Meeky – Anniversary Art Exhibition

Artist Portfolio Magazine Paris Meeky – Chicago Heights, IL The 3 works are based off of a show I grew up watching, Charmed, and in one episode these 3 witches were turned into goddess Phoebe goddess of love, Piper goddess of mother nature, and Paige the goddess of war. I named the pieces after tarot […]Read Post ›

Matthew Cook – Realism Art Exhibition

2014 Realism Art Exhibition – MyArtContest.com Matthew Cook – Maumee, OH My artwork takes a critical look at identity and how we choose to display ourselves to those around us, hiding blemishes, imperfections, impurities and shortcomings and often pretending to have, or exaggerating about nonexistent qualities. In my work I attempt to reveal this hidden […]Read Post ›

Ron Kendall – Realism Art Exhibition

2014 Realism Art Exhibition – MyArtContest.com Ron Kendall – Moreno Valley, CA