Featured Artist – Lewis Isaac Testa

Art is different to everyone. It can be beautiful or evoke emotions as well as relax you. To Lewis Isaac Testa it has been going on for 44 years now. It has been the one constant in his life that proved to be more valuable that he could have imagined and in turn has changed his life for the better. He attended the Art Students League in New York for four years and was awarded the Merit Scholarship for the last three years he attended. He studied Fine Art Illustration under Robert E. Shultz as well as Anatomy under Robert Beverly Hale. He also studied Portrait painting under John Howard Sanden. He obtained employment with Edward Fields Inc. An Exclusive hand made rug manufacturer for the “Rich and Famous”. Bill Gates, Frank Sinatra, Madonna as well as the Whitehouse. His Last project was to help design the Oval Room Rug for the Whitehouse for President Bush. In 2003 he suffered a stroke due to a spinal fusion, which left him paralyzed on his right side. It took 4 years of intense physical therapy to feel normal again. Art was not in the forecast for the rest of his life. But then his granddaughter was born and Art came back into his life. All that you see is art after his stroke. He said I guess you have to loose everything to gain what really matters. He considers himself the luckiest man alive.

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Featured Artist – Jason Burns

Featured Artist Jason Burns – Masterton, Wellington, New Zealand My paintings more often than not begin with a form of automatism. This forms the base and structure of my paintings. I work with the line. From there I add colour, text and further detail. I work at night and always have multiple paintings in various […]

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Featured Artist – Christy Bruna

Christy is originally from Columbus/Westerville, OH and currently lives in Hilliard, OH. For 20 years she lived in Southern Maine, where her professional career in drawing started, but has been drawing since she was introduced to a pencil at a very young age. She moved back to Ohio the summer of 2018, residing in Hilliard. Christy is self-taught and her specialty mediums are ink, colored pencil and graphite pencil. Christy is known as an ‘Angel Artist’. She has always been fascinated by the supernatural spirituality of angels. She especially likes angels carved in stone as headstones in cemeteries. She gets her inspiration from these beautiful sculptures of art and how they weather throughout the years with the deterioration of the stone and the moss that grows on these headstones. These stones are pieces of art that continuously change year after year. Christy loves to capture the beauty of these headstones on paper from new to the aging of old. She mainly draws on white paper, but enjoys working on black paper to show depth and variety with white colored pencil and white ink. She will sometimes add metallic ink to her white colored pencil drawings on black paper to give her drawings a unique look. Christy’s variety of work has been displayed in numerous galleries, exhibitions and some publications throughout Southern Maine & New Hampshire and The Alice-Rice Gallery in Laguna Beach, CA. She also Co-Owned VIBE Art Gallery in Somersworth, NH. Being new to Ohio in mid 2018, she has had her work exhibited in Dublin, OH and Downtown Columbus, OH and placing wins in these exhibits. Christy also works on commission and has drawn many people/entertainers and pet/animal portraits along with her angels throughout her career.  

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Featured Artist – Lennie Peterson

Lennie Peterson has traveled the world several times dedicating his life to visual art, music, and Arts education. He is a former Assistant Professor of Arranging and Composition at Boston’s Berklee College of Music and has performed with some of the world’s most renowned orchestras in prestigious concert halls internationally. Lennie has also worked and performed with a variety of artists including Tony Bennett and Aretha Franklin. He is currently trombonist and multi-instrumentalist with the New England based world music group, Entrain. Lennie’s award-winning artwork has been purchased throughout the world and featured in exhibitions around the United States including solo exhibitions at Harvard University, The Boston Convention Center, and in New York City and Los Angeles. His composer portraits are included in art collections in Japan, Wales, Argentina, Switzerland and throughout the United States. Lennie also travels extensively as a Public Speaker for Arts advocation. His illustrations have been featured in publications and web sites internationally. “The Big Picture”, Peterson’s nationally syndicated daily comic strip, appeared in more than 100 newspapers and was published as a book collection by Andrews/McMeel Publishing. It is currently running as a daily feature on the sydicate’s website, http://www.GoComics.com. In addition, he has written and illustrated over a dozen humor and children’s books. Lennie has also served as Co-Creative Director and consultant for Bose Corporation for various custom projects. This included the overseeing and management of script writing, conducting, composing, producing, animation, recording, and educational aspects of Bose music and film. He was Co-Producer and Co-Creative Director for the film, “Musically Speaking”, developed for public schools world-wide to teach children the appreciation and life enhancing values of music. Other clients include EMC corporation, Colubris, Stratus Technologies and, most recently, Ford Motor Company. Lennie was born in Central Massachusetts, his father a musician and his late mother a visual artist. When he is not traveling, he resides in a seaside community on the South Shore of Boston, MA. He is currently working on his next book, based on his “Seven Laws of Creative Genius” public speaking program.

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Featured Artist – Michael Costello

Featured Artist Michael Costello – Boston, MA Instagram   SUBSCRIBE  “La commedia e finita,” i.e. “The comedy is finished,” is the closing line of Leoncavallo’s “Pagliacci”. The story of the tragic comic protagonist Pagliacci is a traveling clown who murders his wife Nedda and her lover in the final scene when he discovers that he […]

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Katarina Vintrafors – Featured Artist

Featured Artist Katarina Vintrafors – Helsingborg, Sweden Instagram I am an artist and childrens books illustrator from Sweden. I have illustrated 60 childrens books and audio books for swedish and international publishing companies. I paint christmas cards, charicatures, playing cards, paintings and prints. Mostly I work in watercolor, charcoal and ink, but I also work […]

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Esperanza Jimenez – 10 Art Competition

Artist Portfolio Magazine’s 10 Art Competition Esperanza Jimenez – Madrid, Spain Instagram I was born in Valencia, Spain. I have studied biology, graphic design, illustration and received training in different artistic techniques. I work mainly in colored pencils and sometimes combine them with watercolor and ink. I also love scratchboard. My primary subjects are human […]

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Derya Kadipasaoglu – Artist Portfolio Magazine

Artist Portfolio Magazine – 2017 Q4 Art Competition Derya Kadipasaoglu – Culver City, CA Instagram “All you touch and all you see, is all your life will ever be.” In his lyrics, Roger Waters elegantly captures that which compels me to draw: the awareness that I don’t just have a body and a brain, but […]

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Maksim Mezhuritsky – Q4 Art Competition

Artist Portfolio Magazine – 2017 Q4 Art Competition Maksim Mezhuritsky – Tel Aviv, Israel Born in Odessa, Ukraine in 1974. Since 1990  live in Israel. In 2000, graduated from the Open University of Israel in economics and computers. The year 2001 graduated from the courses and worked as a Jewelery Designer. In 25 years was […]

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Sheila Sullivan – Q4 Art Competition

Artist Portfolio Magazine – 2017 Q4 Art Competition Sheila Sullivan – Stevens Point, WI Up until a few years ago, my work had always been more purely subjective and expressionistic than representational. However, under the influence of child art I have incorporated more elementary figurative forms and devices, and manipulated them in accord with the […]

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Verónica Madrid-Malo – Portraits Art Exhibition

Artist Portfolio Magazine – 2016 Portraits Art Exhibition Verónica Madrid-Malo – Bogotá, Colombia Colombian since july 6th of 1990. I studied arts and literature at Universidad de los Andes, (Bogotá, Colombia) but I didn’t finish literature. My emphasys was in the area of plastic arts and my main interest are drawings; that doesn’t mean I abandonned […]

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Paris Meeky – Anniversary Art Exhibition

Artist Portfolio Magazine Paris Meeky – Chicago Heights, IL The 3 works are based off of a show I grew up watching, Charmed, and in one episode these 3 witches were turned into goddess Phoebe goddess of love, Piper goddess of mother nature, and Paige the goddess of war. I named the pieces after tarot […]

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