Art by Diane Leon: LA vs NY

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LA vs NY

Diane Leon

Abstraction gives me a sense of freedom. The intimate scale of my colorful and painterly art created in acrylic on canvas or panel is influenced by nature’s powerful energy and a sense of place.
I work with no preconceived idea. The work reveals itself as it develops. I start with an application of color with my palette knife or brush and as texture builds up the painting has a life of its own. It is finished when it ‘feels’ right to me. It is an emotional rather than intellectual process. I grew up in New York City and the landscape of Spain and out west, USA provides a spiritual connection for me to express my abstract works. The creative process allows me to use my imagination and intuition as a way of life.

Title Night Journey Medium acrylic on canvas Size 24×20
Title Synchronicity Medium acrylic on canvas Size 20×16
Title Resolution Medium acrylic on panel Size 16×16