Art by Alexander Churchill: LA vs NY

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LA vs NY

Alexander Churchill

Through my art I want to explore an underlying anxiety and uncertainty towards the natural world and human interaction. I attempt to do this by creating images that will incite certain feelings of vague uneasiness, confused intrigue and ominous portent.
I also make an effort to subtly include themes of fundamental human concerns with the use of ambiguous symbolism, absurd imagery and abstract elements. The intention of this is to trigger an elemental and animalistic part of the viewer in a way that is suggestive to powerful controlling cues like sexuality, violence, personal interaction, relationships with children and abstract thought. All of this portrayed as a delicately painted picture, having some semblance of a narrative, attempts to create a conflict between beauty and repulsion and a tension between empathy and mistrust.
Ultimately I want to use my art as a way to observe humanity’s interaction with itself and the extramental and to try and learn something about myself and find some truth in the human experience, while at the same time make the viewer do the same.

Title A Girl Needs a Grub Medium oil on canvas Size 24″ x 32″
Title Dead Area Medium oil on canvas Size 20″ x 24″
Title Beauty of Nature Medium oil on canvas Size 24″ x 30″