Elliott Fisher – Anniversary Art Exhibition

Elliott Fisher was born on August 1991 in Cincinnati, Ohio. He graduated from Old Dominion University in December 2013 with a BFA in Printmaking and Photographic Media with a concentration in Letterpress, as well as a minor in Art History. His work has been shown locally at Old Dominion University’s Baron Gordon Art Gallery in the Senior Student Art Show, WATERMARK, as well as, Juried Student Art Shows. In September of 2014, he participated in First Baptist Church of Hampton’s Celebration of the Arts Show. His work was also submitted internationally in the 2012 Prints for Peace in Mexico, and collaboratively presented for Al Mutanabbi St. Tribute with Ken Daley and Nikki Webb. He is an active member in Hampton Road’s 703 Art Society, a collaboration of artists who work together to promote and educate the Arts in the Hampton Roads area. He is also a member of Black Ink Studios, founded by artist Patrick Diggs.

I work in every medium I can get my hands on, from painting to drawing, graphic design to printmaking and book making, and all points in between. My preferred methods of work are printmaking, painting, and photography. For painting, I work in oils on various substrates. In printmaking, I do handset type and relief print. Currently I am working to acquire a printing press to continue in this venture.

My artwork has always been a cathartic mental exercise for me. Everything I work on serves as visual representation of my personal testimony for my viewers and me. I know it can be difficult to trudge through seemingly impossible situations. I want people to use my work to help them get through whatever their obstacle is, and remind them that there is nothing they cannot accomplish.

My influences come from both the classical and my contemporary artists, as well as events and people close to me in my life. My work draws inspiration from various eras in art history, however my faith plays the largest role in my inspiration. This is evident through the direct and indirect illusions to the Bible, a cultural symbol known for its profound, introspective solutions to life, that prevalent throughout my work. Not all of my works reference my faith, as I often do works that highlight my witty and humorous personality.

Unlike to some of contemporaries, I am not afraid to place my Faith in the forefront of my work. I draw the most from the lessons I have learned in my time on this planet. I have a hand in every medium making my portfolio diverse and unique. I want people to see my art as an extension of myself, my thoughts, my values and beliefs, and my opinions. I want my catalogue of work track and visualize my progression and growth. My work will be ever changing, growing and evolving as I do. I want my work to revitalize the viewers and challenge them to think of life through different paradigms.

Title:Temperature Medium:	Letterpress Size:	4" x 17"
Title: Temperature
Medium: Letterpress
Size: 4″ x 17″
Title:Ephesians 3:17-18 Medium:	Relief/Letterpress Size:	20" x 21"
Title: Ephesians 3:17-18
Medium: Relief/Letterpress
Size: 20″ x 21″
Title:Galatians 6:4 Medium:	Letterpress Size:	10" x 14"
Title: Galatians 6:4
Medium: Letterpress
Size: 10″ x 14″
Title:Claustrophobic Medium:	Letterpress Size:	9" x 10"
Title: Claustrophobic
Medium: Letterpress
Size: 9″ x 10″