LeDonna McIntosh – Anniversary Art Exhibition

“What seems so dependable and accessible most often is ignored or taken for granted.
I call attention to those moments and create an opportunity for clarity of time, space, color and attitude. This runs parallel with the realization of the limits surrounding each physical and mental aspect involved. Working with the landscape at different times of the day provides a chance to let the components involved have a turn on the scale from a dominant to subordinate role in the orchestration of the piece.
A successful image is one that can summon all senses to attention and recollection.”
LeDonna McIntosh, 2015

Title:Hay Series, 12-Aug-15 Medium:	Oil Size:	9"x13.5"
Title: Hay Series, 12-Aug-15
Medium: Oil
Size: 9″x13.5″
Title:Southeast, 18-Oct-15 Medium:	Oil Size:	10.5"x17"
Title: Southeast, 18-Oct-15
Medium: Oil
Size: 10.5″x17″
Title:Clyde-East, 19-Sept-15 Medium:	Oil Size:	14"x21"
Title: Clyde-East, 19-Sept-15
Medium: Oil
Size: 14″x21″
Title:Hall Cemetery, 5-Oct-15 Medium:	Oil Size:	19.5"x22.5"
Title: Hall Cemetery, 5-Oct-15
Medium: Oil
Size: 19.5″x22.5″

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