Madelyn Sneed – Anniversary Art Exhibition

While on an excursion to Paris, France I became inspired with almost everything I
came across around the city. One might say that their inspiration solely spewed off the
Eiffel Tower, Louvre or L’Orangerie. But, I was most inspired by the sounds
accumulated while walking down the streets of Paris, the bakeries with baguettes and
sweet treats with superb presentation, leisurely enjoying a bite to eat with a café crème,
along with a copious amount of other things. A country is more than tourist sites. Truly
experience and take advantage of the culture you engulf yourself in. Appreciating the
culture and flow of the city greatly influenced the subjects I’ve chosen to contribute to
this series.

Title:Baguettes and Leisurely Walks Medium: Oil Size:36 x 48 inches
Title: Baguettes and Leisurely Walks
Medium: Oil
Size: 36 x 48 inches
Title Baguettes and Leisurely Walks Medium Oil Size 36 x 48 inches
Title Bonbon Cakes Medium Oil Size 24 x 30 inches
Title Sucré Dips Medium Oil Size 36 x 48 inches