Brian Moody – Artist Portfolio Magazine

I am an artist and art teacher at PK Yonge DRS at the University of Florida in Gainesville. I work in ceramics, metals, and mixed media. I make jewelry and artwork that expresses my love for life and all its complexities. These portraits are scribed in slabs of clay, and express the emotion and inner quirkiness of the subjects.

TitleJoy   Medium	Ceramic   Size	13" x 7"
Title Joy
Medium Ceramic
Size 13″ x 7″
TitleAnxiety   Medium	Ceramic   Size	12" x 13"
Title Anxiety
Medium Ceramic
Size 12″ x 13″
TitleIndifference   Medium	ceramic   Size	13" x 8"
Title Indifference
Medium ceramic
Size 13″ x 8″
TitleAnnoyed   Medium	ceramic   Size	12" diameter
Title Annoyed
Medium ceramic
Size 12″ diameter