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Margaret Hyde – Santa Monica, CA

I collect and photograph things that most people would step on or walk right by: tiny seashells, dandelions and other weeds and scraps of old metal and broken glass. All of them bear the marks of their journeys: flaws, cracks, bumps and bruises that are a testament to the tide of life. I create miniature sculptures and let the play of natural light, water and gravity transform them into ephemeral talismans. Water, which is essential to all life and to my work, inhabits and flows through the sculptures reflecting its infinite memory of the people, places and things that it has encountered along the way. It is a meditation on what it means to be transformed by life and all the elements of nature. The camera enables me to see rightly “what is essential and (usually) invisible to the eye.” (Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, The Little Prince)

Jazz Mask Medium Photography Size 20" X 30
Jazz Mask
20″ X 30
Peregrine Mask Medium Photography Size 20" X 30"
Peregrine Mask
20″ X 30″
Chimera Medium Photography Size 20" X 30"
20″ X 30″
Avian Mask Medium Photography Size 20" X 30"
Avian Mask
20″ X 30″

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