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Franck Sastre – Pontevedra, France

Franck Sastre: half Spanish and French…Born in Perigueux (France) of Spanish father and French mother, having lived in both countries By defining a style to my painting, the public associates my works with an “Underground Street Art” style, marking much the deconstruction of perfectionism with the strokes of different thicknesses. It is a painting full of strength, feeling, and personality where always highlights many strokes to define a figure on bright colors. It is characterized by working large formats and with a mixed technique in any type of support: canvas, cardboard, wood, wall … His paintings mainly mark people more than landscapes. He is a painter who likes to be in contact with the public, which is why he makes live paintings in his exhibitions.

Uziel Medium cartón Size 120 cm x 90cm
120 cm x 90cm
Leiza Medium cartón Size 170cm x 120cm
170cm x 120cm
Angelo Medium lienzo Size 120cm x 120cmAngelo Medium lienzo Size 120cm x 120cm
120cm x 120cm
Oeil d´amande Medium cartón Size 170cm x 120cm
Oeil d´amande
170cm x 120cm