Featured Artist – Erin Liu

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Erin Liu – Saratoga Hills, CA

My art delves into the translation of critical thought into visuals. This series is called “Subtleties”… We speak. We write. Attention to subtleties in each mode of language is quintessential to meaning. Here, I bring forth two subtle distinctions. The first seeks to distinguish the shifted meaning between a house and a home. House appears as a rigid brick and wood structure perched atop the ground – no warmth, no one inside. To me, Home, is different. For one, it is an abstract notion substantiated by parts of concrete realities. Though pieced together and enveloped by a physical house, a home revolves around warmth. The second pair in this series exhibits a single moment in 99 people’s lives. I have documented a single moment in the “Passage” of their life with a fingerprint. Their passages are distinct, paved. But I cannot record their “Journey.” Journeys aren’t defined. Nor are they confined. The colors in a journey are infinite and mercurial. Erin Liu is an artist based in San Jose, CA.