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Briana Jozwiak – Anaheim, CA
Bio/Artist Statement
Behind SVGAR, is Briana Joy Jozwiak, 27, an emerging artist from Southern California.

When I was a kid, I would take a pen and drag it up and down and all over a piece of paper (a.k.a. scribbling). Then, I would color in certain sections piece by piece until it made an actual picture and I would hang my finished masterpiece proudly. That was my idea of art; just having fun expressing myself and falling in love with all my creations.

My artistic vision expanded as I discovered graffiti and started drawing my own detailed pieces in my high school notebooks with ink and markers. As I continued to draw throughout the years, I let my creativity flow out further and I started creating trippy cartoon styled drawings. Towards the end of 2016, I decided to pick up a paint brush for the first time and in 2018, I started learning how to create digital art via tablet. I enjoy the challenge of working with multiple mediums and learning different techniques, constantly expanding my artistic knowledge and experience.

My artwork often employs bright colors with fluid, bold outlines, and each piece emits a different aesthetic than the other. Though my brightly colored imagery is generally playful and alive, darker themes may exist beneath the surface of some of my work. I prefer to leave it to my viewers imagination to unlock the deeper meaning and any hidden messages in my creations.

I have been inspired by so many different art styles and my works may show elements of different artistic movements, but ultimately, my art cannot be limited to a category or definition. I create works of art based upon my personal style, design, daydreams, perception, interpretation of subjects, and things I find beautiful in life. My art is uniquely my own style.

I make art to keep my soul and heart happy. I make art to inspire others to share their gifts with the world. Every single person has something unique that the world needs, and even if it’s just a scribble on a piece of paper right now, if you pursue what makes you happy, your talents will unfold and you will find your passion and purpose.

 Erratical and Irrational Medium Acrylic and Oil on Canvas Size 22x28

Erratical and Irrational
Acrylic and Oil on Canvas
 One Mans Trash Medium Acrylic on Canvas Size 12x24 (set of two)

One Mans Trash
Acrylic on Canvas
12×24 (set of two)
 Thirstay Medium Digital Drawing Size 8x12

Digital Drawing
 Classic Medium Digital Drawing Size 8x12

Digital Drawing