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Anton Hoeger – Oberschleissheim, Bavaria, Germany

“I am a realist through and through, apolitical and not moralizing. This realism, which tends less to represent reality than to establish reality, rejects any emphasis and any dramatic sensation or satirical intention in a work of art. They are authentic creations, separate from the abstract and from what could be contemptuously described as illustrative. The supposedly realistic pictorial designs are not simple representations of a depictable reality, but always reconstructions that transcend mere experience. I try to represent the found or invented motif in such a way that as an artist I give the viewer the feeling of encountering a new reality that has more weight than just an image.

 In Lovely Blueness Medium Oil on Panel Size 150cm x 150cm

In Lovely Blueness
Oil on Panel
150cm x 150cm
 The Yoke Medium Oil on Canvas Size 180cm x180cm

The Yoke
Oil on Canvas
180cm x180cm
 The Bucket Medium oil on Panel Size 86cm x 230cm

The Bucket
oil on Panel
86cm x 230cm
 Stickfighter Medium Oil on Panel Size 125cm x 170cm

Oil on Panel
125cm x 170cm