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J. Enrique Portas | Rochester, NY

My works are an interpretation of a voyage to self-discovery seen through the eyes of retained memories. Memories are the driving force that sculpt my paintings. When placed onto the canvas, the sequences of these memories intermingle to expose, at times, a sense of uniformity while, at other times, a juxtaposition of emotions, perceptions and a melded reality.

Like dreams, over time memories may become distorted to the point of unrecognition or misinterpretation. They may take on a form of their own. Suddenly the past amalgamates with the present and becomes what seems to be an inevitable future. As with dreams, memories can be disconcerting or comforting. As with dreams, memories may be riddled with symbolism and an uncomfortable sense of the unknown or lucid with certainty and a secure sense of knowing.

It is my intention that the absence of spoken words transforms my pieces into a visual text upon which others may muse and perhaps gain a glimpse into my personal evolution.

 Ausencia(Absence) Medium Oil on canvas Size 36"x24"

Oil on canvas
 Hidden Voices Medium Oil on canvas Size 24"x30"

Hidden Voices
Oil on canvas
 Holding Eternity Medium Oil on Canvas Size 36"x24"

Holding Eternity
Oil on Canvas
 Timeless Medium Oil on canvas Size 24"x30"

Oil on canvas


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