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Galya Kerns | Powell, OH

Statement: COVID-19 is something that we didn’t expect. Now we are frustrated, confused, isolated. Scared, panicking… Galleries are closed. All I do is sitting at home. This series I made during my quarantine. This is a weird mix of mediums and it reflects our weird mix of feelings.

Short bio: Galya Kerns. I am a contemporary artist. My art focused on women. I love to add a weird twist to my art. I use oil paint together with mixed media (such as fabric, glass, plastic, pebeo mixed media, foil etc). My art participated in exhibitions around the US and Canada. My paintings were published in American, Canadian, Australian, Italian, French, England, Indian and German magazines.

Fever | Oil, fabric | 30x24
Fever | Oil, fabric | 30×24
Confusion | Oil, fabric | 30x24
Confusion | Oil, fabric | 30×24
Isolation | Oil, fabric | 30x24
Isolation | Oil, fabric | 30×24