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Jonathan Jaeger | Silver Spring, MD

I had some raciall issues growing up always walking the line between racing no real identity would always do somekind of Art Drawing, Painting, poetry.

There were conflicts with to cultures for riding the fence. Each acused me for being on their side of the trespassing for the most part.

My Art was able to pass through border lines without conflict and with sometimes with the added bonus of opening the minds of the people that would view my work.

I never believed I was very deserving in doing my artwork for a living I had a low self esteem and low self confidence. I continued to pursue a career in social work and believed it was my calling not my passion.

I began working in the helping professionally then would work on digital Painting as a hobby and sharing it in social medium. Things at work we’re not working out so I decided to move a hobby in painting to full time and do my passion for creating art into making a living. This was my true identity who I was all along I was happy immediately when working towards a goal in the art field. Who I was was a black man with a white adopted parents and people I loved who were both black white yellow, red, the color of the rainbows this reflects in every piece of art I create you are part of my art and so is every person I know and known it crosses cultural boundaries and shows the harmony of equality and learning that we are all a part of the same race the human race.

A New Love | Mixed Media | 9x12
A New Love | Mixed Media | 9×12
A Plague During Passover | Mixed Media | 9x12
A Plague During Passover | Mixed Media | 9×12
Porn Head | Abstract Mixed Media | 9x12
Porn Head | Abstract Mixed Media | 9×12