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Nandan Sam He – New York, NY

Nandan Sam He(GuangDong, 1991) is a Multimedia Artist now lives and works in NYC.

My works are fragments of a recovering voyage towards my odd phantasm and nihilistic belongingness. My generation grew up in a perception that reality is the most surreal thing. When everything speeds up, I am floating in a marginalized social structure and falling into a groundless land, incapable of escaping. There is a limited capacity of space in my brain, but extensive information fills in every day. Through painting, performance, mix media installations and animation, I inhabit my subconscious in an intimacy place beneath the past, beyond dimension, echoing by its own present. I am unfolding an irrational order of a hyper normalized conversation. Leading viewers gravitate towards an unconscious force, inhibiting a body part that’s not entirely theirs into my abandoned wonderland.

No Nose Know( inside view) Medium Mix Media Installation Size 2x3x4ft
No Nose Know( inside view)
Mix Media Installation
Title No Nose Know (outside view) Medium Mix Media Interactive Installation Size 2x3x4 ft

No Nose Know (outside view)
Mix Media Interactive Installation
2x3x4 ft
Repetitive Inner Thigh Medium Acrylic on Cardboard/motor Size 12x12inches
Repetitive Inner Thigh
Acrylic on Cardboard/motor
Road Towards Banzhangshan Tunnel Medium Mix Media Installation Size 15x10x50inches
Road Towards Banzhangshan Tunnel
Mix Media Installation