New Abstracts

Alysia Stark
Lawrence Welker IV
Richard Scully
Kye Kim
Maria de Pillar Arrieta
Marc D’agusto
Allison Juliana
Kelly Yarbrough
Robert Hunter
Hyewon Yoon
Landrae Bradley
Louis Keith Dudek
Elias Locke
Natosha Keefer
Linnea Tober
Emilian Pop
Minoo Amjadi
Lawrence Welker IV
Michelle Molokotos
Patricia Salcedo
Steve Logan
Frederic Whiting
Frederic Whiting
Heather McFarlin
Nancy Albright
Em Herzstein
Connie Butler Washington
Kim Synder
Frederic Whiting
Frederic Whiting
Chantel Ames
Jung ji Lee
Blanca de Ramon Rius
Lona Moody

All of these artists are featured in the 2012 Abstract Art Exhibit at