Portraits Art Exhibition – Selected Participants

Thank you to all the artists who participated. We had a hard time choosing the art because there were so many other worthy artists who didn’t make the selection and we only had room for 23 artists. Thank you for understanding and keep on creating art.

Congratulations to the following artists who have been selected to be featured in Artist Portfolio Magazine’s Portraits Issue.

Best in Show
Nina Fabunmi – Split Image

Pat Abellon – Gordon Parks: The Colorful Life

Jihyun Oh – Breaktime

20 Honorable Mentions (in no particular order)

Eduardo Santiago – Manuela
Brett Mason – The Musician and the Garden of Rhythm
Keith Parks – Insubstantial Presence
Marvl Roussan – Anderson
Masri Hayssam – New Expression Series-p6
Drew Hoffman – Self in Sunlight
Stanley Olivera – A Cuban for the Occasion
Stephany Ficut – Finding Wonderland Part 2
Hella Maas – Innocence
Kevork Cholakian – Self Portrait
Susan Wallace – Sir Vantes
Jennifer Bilek – Portrait of Giulia Bianchi
David Bender – Ethel
Elizabeth McGhee – Icarus
Craig Cossey – The Blue Years
Meave Scully – Diabetes
Heather Scholl – Miracle Fish
Ira Upin – Police State
Judie Lee – Debyl
Matt Black – The Kiss

3 thoughts on “Portraits Art Exhibition – Selected Participants

  1. Hi. With all artists worldwide, thank you for selecting me as the second place winner. I also encourage everyone to paint with fun, not just focusing on winning, but we all do it because we enjoy doing it. Happy painting to all!

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