Emily White – Portraits Art Exhibition

As I finish my BFA at Pacific Lutheran University, I find myself seeking inspiration within my own experiences, emotions, as well as what I find in nature. I often paint pieces that use both portraits and nature, especially birds. Birds have always captured my eye, they’re beauty and grace is something I want to capture in my artwork.
I always try to find ways to help those who view my work connect and understand the piece. I want to evoke emotion. I attempt do so by using my own emotions.

TitlePassion   Medium	Oil   Size	36x48
Title Passion
Medium Oil
Size 36×48
TitleLooking Forward   Medium	Oil   Size	22x28
Title Looking Forward
Medium Oil
Size 22×28
TitleOpen Your Eyes   Medium	Oil   Size	20x20
Title Open Your Eyes
Medium Oil
Size 20×20
TitleEmpty   Medium	Acrylic   Size	30x30
Title Empty
Medium Acrylic
Size 30×30