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The year is 2016, the World is at war, because of political differences, money, power. We live within our cyber societies, our children are called generation X, Y and Z. We can reach any one, in any remote corner of the world, within seconds! yet we have never felt more alone. We all want to belong, we want to remember who we really are; Where we come from and what makes us us. This search begins within the universe that is within us, around us, and reaches way beyond ourselves, this is why I paint!
If we stop for a moment and Observe the world around us, and try to capture its very essence with every brush stroke. What if we allow water to run its course, creating that which already has been created, yet this time understanding why. Why does it behaves that way, why is it there in the first place and how do we preserve it. Then we have just become part of something greater than ourselves.
Just as our world is composed of many different interacting parts, working seemingly together to create a perfect ecosystem repeated again and again in countless scales, so is the structural composition of my art. For example: I grew up amongst the happy noise and the soft fresh smells of my beautiful Rain Forest. Within it, there are three basic layers (rules of three). The lower layer is called the understory, in my art it will be (the art rule of connection). The middle layer is called The Canopy, this is where most of the wild life abides, where the daily interactions take place, (the art rule of lines of action). 50+ meters up in the air is the Emergent layer, there you can find worlds within worlds of individually and well established ecosystems protecting the layers below, bringing balance (the principle of Harmony). By Observing my painting technique you will find all of these layers creating a harmonious, elaborate and smart new art form an ecosystems per say. This is why each painting is composed of at least two individuals panels, entirely different, yet projecting together as a unit.
Today all I have is the complete knowledge that I was born to paint, this power is not just to create something beautiful to hang lifelessly on a expensive wall! but rather it is to preserve the world by bringing forth something new, something good! I paint the substance of our world in abstract form, to learn from it. Evoking a movement, a vicerous dogma within our world, also encouraging others to join in the preservation of this one thing that we all have in common, our universe of wonders. I am Jas Villalobos Del Castillo a Costa Rican/American Environmental Artist.
Title ABIOGENESIS "The Primordial Ooze" Medium Water and mix media on Canvas Size 72"x48" - 182cmx122cm. (36"x48" each panel
Title: ABIOGENESIS “The Primordial Ooze”
Medium: Water and mix media on Canvas
Size: 72″x48″ – 182cmx122cm. (36″x48″ each panel
Title SOGNO "The Isochronous Allotment" Medium Water and mix media on Canvas Size 72"x48" - 182cmx122cm. (36"x48" each panel
Title: SOGNO “The Isochronous Allotment”
Medium: Water and mix media on Canvas
Size: 72″x48″ – 182cmx122cm. (36″x48″ each panel
Title GLACIAL "The Aqueous Evanescence" Medium Water and mix media on Wood Size 72"x84" - 182cmx214cm (24"x84"each panel)
Title: GLACIAL “The Aqueous Evanescence”
Medium: Water and mix media on Wood
Size: 72″x84″ – 182cmx214cm (24″x84″each panel)
Title QUANTUM FLUCTUATIONS "The Beginning in Motion" Medium Water and Mix Media on Plaster Size 97"x48" - 246cm x 122cm. (48"x48" each panel)
Title: QUANTUM FLUCTUATIONS “The Beginning in Motion”
Medium: Water and Mix Media on Plaster
Size: 97″x48″ – 246cm x 122cm. (48″x48″ each panel)